Small bath remodel: wooden furniture

The bathroom is a space that should be functional, comfortable, and comforting, because as soon as we start our day, we go there to get ready for work, prepare the children for school. It’s also where we seek relaxation at night, take a comforting bath, get ready to go out with our partner or friends.

For all of this, if you have a small bathroom, you’re probably looking for everything to be functional, but that doesn’t mean you have to leave style behind. In this blog post, we bring you ideas to remodel your small bathroom, giving it the touch of elegance you desire. Your bathroom can also be magazine-worthy!

3 small bath remodel ideas

1) Stylish Sinks

Let’s start with the sink. One of the options to remodel your small bathroom and give it a modern style is with floating sinks. There are many decorative and modern models available. Additionally, it helps to make it more functional by not needing a pedestal and having the faucet embedded.

If you have a very large piece of furniture and are looking to change it to have more space, we invite you to explore the best bathroom furniture for comfort and elegance. In this case, we suggest a freestanding vessel sink to combine design and functionality.

The location of the sink is essential to have all the comfort you need. Make sure it’s not too close to the door as it hinders entry. It should also not be right next to the shower exit. There are also a variety of corner sink models available; in that case, the faucet is placed at the angle of the walls. This should be accompanied by a choice of a suitable mirror; it’s an excellent opportunity for you to choose decorative mirrors. Make sure you have optimal lighting in the location.

Small bath remodel: bathroom interior

2) Replace the bathtub with a shower

Replacing the bathtub with a shower not only modifies the aesthetics and functionality but also brings many other benefits such as: significant water consumption savings, ease of access, safety (falls and slips can be avoided), as well as greater ease of cleaning.

If you choose a shower tray that is almost flush with the floor, the bathroom visually appears larger. The same feeling is generated by using floor-to-ceiling screens. And since you’ll need to complete the area that the bathtub previously occupied with tiles, it’s an excellent opportunity to select modern tiles and create contrast with the rest, or directly change all the tiles if they’re not in good condition or if you want a larger remodeling. We share the ultimate guide to replacing shower floor tile.

We advise you to consult professionals as it’s important to consider various aspects to achieve the desired result and ensure safety. To start with, it’s important that the floor is level, that the shower tray is properly supported to avoid future breakage. It’s also essential to know how to relocate the drain, position the faucets, and have good waterproofing to prevent moisture and leaks, among other issues.

3) The ideal door for your bathroom

If you remodel your small bathroom but the door obstructs the entrance, you’ll lose all the elegance you’re aiming for. Another sign that you need to change it is if it’s worn out or showing signs of moisture. Below, we present different types of doors so you can determine which one is ideal for your needs.

Swinging doors are the most common; they can open inwards or outwards. If you’re comfortable with this type of door, to save space in small bathrooms, it’s better for them to open outward. If you already have one and plan to keep it, you can change the color; for bathrooms, neutral colors convey cleanliness and purity.

Among other types of doors, there are sliding doors that don’t require additional space to open; folding doors, which, as the name suggests, fold onto themselves to close or open; and pocket doors that slide into the wall, saving even more space, but their installation can be complex and more expensive.

Elegant, fast, and durable

At PIC Home Pros, we offer long-lasting, affordable, and quality bathroom remodeling solutions. We guarantee quality in our products, expertise in the installation process, and a lifetime warranty. We even perform remodels in just one day! We invite you to reach out to us, share some details of what you have in mind, and one of our experts will contact you immediately to discuss the budget and recommend the perfect design style for your project.

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