If you’re considering a bathroom remodel, you’ve probably realized that there are a number of different ways to approach the project. For instance, should you apply a bath liner over your existing tub or opt for a full replacement? While bath liners are the cheaper, faster way to spruce up an outdated, stained tub, there are several big advantages to spending more for a complete bathtub replacement.

Below, the skilled bathroom remodelers at PIC Home Pros outline some of the benefits to choosing a replacement bathtub, as well as the drawbacks of bath liners.

Ability to Fix Underlying Issues

Since a bath liner is applied on top of your existing tub, it fails to address any possible issues that may be under or around the space, like mold buildup or water damage. When you replace your bathtub, we inspect the area for structural decay or mold growth and fix the problem before the new tub is installed. In the long term, you could actually save money by avoiding any further costly damage to your home!

Increased Comfort and Style

Installing a new liner over your existing bathtub will reduce the space within your bath. The narrower tub and higher bath walls can result in decreased comfort for your bathing experience. With a new tub, you won’t lose any space! In addition, if liner glue is not properly applied across your entire tub, it can cause uneven surfaces that will further affect the comfort of your bath and increase the risk of slipping.

More Remodeling Options

When you choose a bathtub replacement, you can redesign the entire look and function of your bath! You could increase the accessibility of your space with the step-thru access of a comfortable walk-in tub, or change the entire configuration of your bathroom with a seamless tub-to-shower conversion. With a bath liner, your options are restricted to the current contours of your existing tub.

Lower Risk of Mold Buildup

Over time, the caulking and glue used to install a bath liner can deteriorate. When this happens, water seeps under the liner and gets trapped—resulting in the hazardous buildup of mold and mildew or dangerous water damage. This problem can go undetected until it begins to affect a wider area of your bathroom. A replacement tub helps to avoid these hidden issues.

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